1 In Every 6 Minutes Spent On The Web Are On Social Networking Sites

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By Herdy Ramanuj
on 20/6/11

A report completed by ‘comScore’ shows people ‘like’ social networking so much that it now accounts for one in every six minutes that are spent online. According to analysts, the time spent on social networking accounts have doubled in past 4 years, when in 2007 it was one in every twelve minutes spent. This shows how our time spent online has become ‘deeply connected into our digital lives and communities.’

Source: comScore/Mintel

All the social network sites, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Tumblr have all seen their audience size grow, in particular Tumblr recently reporting they jumped past the 250 million page views a day, seen in the graph on their blog below:

Facebook is now considered to be the fourth largest US web property after they reached a record high audience in May of 157.2 million visitors. Although it was claimed that Facebook lost over six million users in the USA and 100,000 within the UK due to photo privacy concerns, comScore’s latest data showed Facebook managed to gain 3.2 million new members in May, and increase visitor engagement from 4.6 hours to 6.3 hours per month. However, Andrew Lipsman from comScore claimed that Facebook was not the only network to achieve a record audience in May, with LinkedIn (33.4 million visitors), Twitter (27 million visitors) and Tumblr (10.7 million visitors) each hitting new records.

The analysts stated that LinkedIn have managed to grow their audience by 58% in the past year, while making important changes geared to become a more interactive and social experience. In comparison, Twitter grew 13% in the past year and Tumblr managed to grow by 166%, with analysts predicting that social blogging and Tumblr itself will soon increase in popularity to compete with the likes of Facebook. Only time will tell to see if the likes of Tumblr can reach this prediction.