21 Secrets of Top-Converting Websites

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By Dave Ashworth
on 17/2/10

Down at SES London, we just took in a very interesting keynote session with Bryan Eisenberg, also known as @TheGrok in Twitter circles, on tips on how to increase the conversion rate on your website.

He started off by informing the average conversion rate was 3% but then showed a list of the top converting websites with the no.1 (don't remember what it actually was) with a rate of around 45%. How? By following these 21 "secrets". I won't be expanding on them, I can't write as quick as Bryan can speak, plus, there has to be some advantage to attending SES London:

1) Communicate UVPs and UCPs
2) Make persuasive and relevants offers
3) Reinforce offers site wide
4) Maintain scent
5) Make a strong first impression
6) Appeal to multiple personas/segments
7) Don't do slice and dice optimisation
8 ) Leverage social commerce - use the voice of the customer
9) Use it for navigation
10) Use it for promotion
11) Use it for credibility
12) Use it for feedback and research
13) Use persuasion principles like scarcity
14) Make forms engaging
15) Provide Point Of Action assurances
16) Keep you in the process
17) Consider email preview
18) Budget for user experience
19) Utilise a system for prioritisation
20) Make data driven decisions
21) Know how to execute rapidly - Amazon had Micheal Jackson promos and links to his albums etc on their site within 2 hours of his death - they also account for 25% of all ecommerce sales in the USA.

As with any good presentation, he stuck in a quote from some knowledgeable bod or other:

"Execution is not an event - a one time push toward acheiving goals. It is a way of life"

Following on from this - 5 steps to getting great conversion rates next week:

1) ID the problems, review analytics, check for high bounce rates on key landing pages.
2) Create a do to list on what you'd like to improve
3) Document hypothesis
4) Prioritise
5) Test

And that's your lot, there'll be a video update at the end of they day, for a round up of yesterday, follow this link.