3 Business Lessons to Learn from The Apprentice

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By Beth Moore
on 29/5/13

The Apprentice

Since starting my career myself as an ‘Apprentice’ I am always looking forward to the new season of ‘The Apprentice’ and I was not left disappointed when the new season began at the start of May! If you've not seen the show before, it basically involves hopefuls competing to become Lord Sugar’s apprentice and each week they complete business tasks to ensure they are not ‘Fired!’ I very much enjoy watching it as well as highlighting the things I think they are doing well and pulling apart the things which I think I myself would do better! Anyway, the purpose of this blog is that I think anyone in the workplace can learn some useful lessons from ‘The Apprentice’

1. Tell the Truth
Every season of The Apprentice that I watch, I find myself uncomfortable at the fact they lie about certain aspects of the tasks when they fail to remember that Lord Sugar has sent either Nick or Karen to report back to him, as well as the cameras that are following them around, they then end up making themselves look stupid for simply telling a ‘white lie’ when it is easy enough for him to find out the truth. I think this is important to remember in the workplace especially when either making promises to clients especially on time scales, if you know you are not going to be able to get a reply to them until the next day, tell them instead of lying to them saying they can expect it by the end of the day, which will only leave them frustrated when they receive it a day late!

2. Be Confident, but not too confident!
Again, contestants on the show make the same mistake every season that I watch; yes it is good to be confident in your own ability, but do not be too confident as more often than not, they end up eating their own words! Only last week, did a contestant explain how they could sell anything to anyone, only to find when it came down to the task that they couldn't sell what they needed and as a result their team ended up losing the task. In the same way, this should be taken into account in the workplace, if you go around telling your colleagues you are the best at time management and then don’t complete a piece of work in time for a client, you will no doubt be left feel very stupid.

3. Be Nice!
Now you would think that being nice, would be quite an obvious thing that the contestants on the show would bear in mind, considering most tasks they need to work in teams as in the office you need to work with colleagues on a daily basis. But believe me, you would be surprised. Candidates often annoy other members of the team by only caring about themselves and being rude and obnoxious to get their own way during tasks, only then to try and put the blame on others when asked about it by Lord Sugar in the boardroom! I think this is another key lesson to learn from those on The Apprentice as there is nothing worse than having to work with someone every day who you know will report back anything to management at the first chance they get to make themselves look good.

To conclude this blog post, I believe if you are going to watch ‘The Apprentice’ which I do like a die hard fan every week through the season, see how you can learn lessons from their mistakes! Whilst it is a TV show, you can learn some important lessons which can help you in the workplace!