5 SocialBro Tools All Marketing Managers Should Be Using

Keep up with the very latest developments in the digital marketing world

By Herdy Ramanuj
on 8/4/15

Here in Social Corner at Return on Digital, the community management tool SocialBro is our go-to weapon of choice when it comes to handling client Twitter accounts.

If you’ve heard of it, you may know that it can be used to grow your Twitter account by searching for new users, clear up your community, bulk follow/unfollow, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

Three etceteras are most definitely necessary as the vast amount of tools available within SocialBro are overwhelming! So, I thought I’d write a blog detailing the five main tools I use every day as a Social Media Executive and explain how they could benefit marketing managers that are SocialBro newbies.

If you’re already well-versed in SocialBro, please feel free to slip unnoticed out of the back door. Honestly, it’s fine, we can still be friends. Everyone else, let’s begin!

1) Best Time to Tweet

I have chosen this tool to include first, as I use it every single day without fail. Found under ‘Engagement’, the ‘Best Time to Tweet’ report tells you when your audience is online, which days are ‘busiest’ and what topics your followers are discussing; you can even check their top hashtags!

I have witnessed first-hand the increase in reach when scheduling content according to SocialBro peak times, and can assure you it is definitely worth doing.


2) Monitor Competitor Accounts


Monitoring competitor accounts is a great way to discover potential customers, spark ideas for popular content and, let’s face it, just to keep an eye on what competitors are up to.

One technique I like to use is analysing the followers of a competitor by applying SocialBro’s filters such as ‘person/company’, ‘tweeted as recently as…’ and ‘location or time zone’.

For example, if you are the marketing manager of a protein company, you could search through Bodybuildingcom’s followers to find active users in the UK who fit your target demographic.

3) Rule Builder


When used correctly and not in the most annoying way on the planet (aka dropping a cheesy DM into every new follower’s inbox telling them to like your Facebook page), the rule builder tool can really help to boost engagement. Every brand is different, but some available options to consider are:

  • Dropping each new follower a “Hello, thanks for following, how are you?”-esque message to welcome them and spark a conversation about your services or products.
  • Creating a filter to indicate when a user of high influence follows you, and opting to receive an email notification.
  • Adding new followers of interest to lists, for example users who live in certain locations or have particular words in their bio, so that you can consider following them or targeting them in the future.

When creating new rules, remember that you are trying to extract and engage with valuable Twitter members only.

Try to implement quality filters such as ‘followed by over 50 people’ or ‘tweeted within the last 3 weeks’ to ensure you don’t end up engaging with inactive users, ‘eggs’ or bots.

4) Tweet Sample


Tweet sample is a great way of discovering public opinion, demographics and new Twitter users in your sector. It can also be used to monitor tweet activity around specific events.

Enter your chosen search term, e.g. ‘cycling’, and you can collect the data from up to 1000 tweets a day, including user profiles, tweet types and the most popular words contained in the bios of the users who tweeted.

Reading through the collated tweets will inspire you, and you will spot lots of new opportunities for engagement and organic follower growth!

5) Mention Helper


Mention helper is a really helpful tool when targeting a specific segment of people. This could be new followers should you not wish to have implemented an auto-reply, a list of influencers you wish to send some content to, or maybe a list of your most regularly engaged with community members.

You can slightly modify each tweet so as not to appear spammy, and it’s really quick and effective.

So, there we have it; I hope you found my top five SocialBro tools to be of use! If you have any questions, or if you would like to share your favourite tools, please comment below. You can also tweet me at @ruby_mae and @returnondigital.