5 Tips to Enhance Your YouTube Strategy

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By Jade Hark
on 15/8/14

We’re all aware of how to tag and tweet YouTube videos, but what should we be doing to take our YouTube strategy to the next level? Below are five ways in which you can generate more ROI on your video content.

1. Tidy your channel

Making sure your channel is well optimised and great to look at will legitimise your brand, drive engagement and get you more subscribers.

Things to check:

In-video programming has been enabled to allow people to subscribe to your channel from all your videos wherever they are embedded.

in video programming
Channel trailer is one of the most powerful ways to generate a drove of new subscribers. The video is a spotlight piece on your channel and summarises why you and your brand are awesome.

Sections allows you to arrange and group video content to make sure your channel shows the videos you want people to see.

Channel Art shows at the top of a user’s screen and will be scaled to look good across all devices.

YouTube Channel Art


2. Schedule

When you've recorded and edited a video it’s tempting to reveal it to your subscribers straight away, but you may be doing more damage than good. Strategically releasing your videos at peak times and days for your audience can get you more views and momentum that crosses over to social media.

3. Pay to Promote

Created some great content but can’t seem to get to get it in front of the right audience? Paying to get eyeballs on your videos is the easiest way to up your view count. Test the waters and find out what your ideal spend would be to generate the best Return On Investment (ROI).

4. Be reactive to trends

Finding what’s trending in your niche and being reactive by producing video content will yield effective results. For example, if you are a hairspray brand and a popular actress has had her hair done in a new style, try to be the first to do a video on replicating the hairstyle at home. You will see your subscribers and views rapidly increase in a short period.

5. Create a series

If you see one type of video working again and again, consider creating a running series to build a regular audience of users who will eventually turn into brand ambassadors with a higher chance of converting.

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