7 Elements of Awesome Ecommerce Product Copy

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By Phil Norris
on 9/4/14

The product copy on your ecommerce website is critically important for achieving the ultimate goal of conversions. Yet many small and medium sized businesses continue to use the manufacturer’s description.

The problem with this is that many other online businesses are likely to have used the same basic description. This creates duplicate content and does nothing to distinguish your brand from its competitors.

To help you move away from this problem we have listed the seven elements of awesome ecommerce product copy that will make your site, well, pretty awesome!

1. Write for your target audience

You need to know who your target audience is and create product copy that meets their needs. This starts with something as simple, but effective, as the font size and style, then moves onto the message you deliver.

A stubborn approach of one size fits all is not advised. Test what works for your website and your audience over time.


2. Maintain a consistent tone of voice

Product copy is not only an opportunity to sell but a great way to communicate your brand and what makes it unique. This helps customers distinguish your brand from its competitors, and contributes to the uniqueness of each product page.

Your brand’s tone of voice must be consistent through all ecommerce channels, which requires copywriters who can adapt their writing style accordingly.


3. Describe Key features and benefits

When a customer visits a product page they want information on key features and benefits that will leave them in no doubt about what is on offer.

This should be high on your list of priorities, because if a customer is not given easy access to this vital information, they will not wait around.

One handy tip is to consider including extended descriptions, which provide additional details for customers who require this information.



4. Tell a story

A story will help potential buyers visualise the benefits of your products and add some of your brand’s personality along the way.

For example, rather than a simple description of a state-of-the-art television, you could tell a story of how this product will bring the whole family together, etc. Of course, it depends on your brand’s tone of voice, but you get the idea.

The most persuasive product copy will include both story that engages the reader and fact that justifies the purchase.


5. Write concisely

While you’re carrying out the above steps for awesome ecommerce product copy, you need to maintain a concise writing style.

Your goal should be to include as much useful information in the copy as possible while using as few words as possible.

A good way to do this is to include three or four accompanying bullet points that give customers instant insights into your products.


6. Proofread for errors

It’s great creating awesome content but this can be tarnished if you don’t take the time to proof your product copy.

Allocate time to read your text back as this can make it easier to spot spelling and grammar mistakes, while reading copy aloud will also inform you about how well it reads.
A good tip is to ask a colleague or professional to proofread the copy for you.


7. Meta descriptions

Customers will not see meta descriptions when they are on product pages and they aren’t important to search engine rankings, but they are important for gaining user click-throughs from search engine ranking pages (SERPs).

Within this you should include a call to action as well as details on the product. You can also communicate your brand’s unique tone of voice.

Think about what users want to see on the results page when they type in a search; price, no delivery costs, the fact that your brand is awesome.

Remember: before customers arrive on your site from a search engine, this is one of the first things they will see.



There are of course more than seven elements to awesome ecommerce product copy, but in the end it comes down to your brand and your customers. Feed off this when creating product copy, and you’ll be heading in the right direction.

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