AdWords interface on your mobile

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By Rachel Smith
on 15/4/10

Google have recently launched a mobile focused AdWords interface. Good news if your using an iPhone, Android or Palm Pre! (official launch here).

Google AdWords on your mobile

The statement in the initial Google launch reads, "We’ve heard that your smartphone and AdWords account have been pining for each other. Over the past few months, many of you have let us know how much you’d like to have fast and easy mobile access to AdWords, which is why we’re now testing a streamlined mobile experience. AdWords for mobile gives you easy access to your key alerts and statistics, enabling you to make quick changes even when you’re out and about."

I was only thinking to myself last week, "why isnt there a decent interface for AdWords". It was frustrating how long it took to load my client account, even with a wifi connection. The new interface loads quickly even when using a standard 3G connection.

Thanks Google.