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By Guy Levine
on 23/7/08

In our previous post we really wanted to talk about Adwords Keyword Research Tool and recent improvements that Google have made. What used to happen for those who don't know is some figure between 0 and 1 which really meant you had to guesstimate the actual figure very carefully.  This for most of us meant pulling some pie in the sky figure out of the air and trying to convince ourselves that it was 100%ish correct.  Well they now provide actual figures.  That was from our post about recent happenings and changes inSearch Engine Land.

Upon a re-read the actual big deal of it all wasn't made out to be such a big deal.  It rather got swamped by all the other going ons and I rather think that actually the amount of interest it should have genearated on the internet was minimal because of the hoo haa with the Yahoo / Microsoft deal and the Google / Yahoo deal.  Personally I think this is one of most significant changes to have happened ever! Certainly in terms of changes it's the biggest thing to come out of Google since the Dig Daddy algorithm change years ago.  Simply I think Keyword Research is that important.

Folks I can't stress how big of a deal this actually is.  If your running your own SEO or you even hired a company then either you or they are going to have to the whole thing again.  Why? You may be running the wrong keywords.

Note: while I check this after the event the data below tells me if your not actually one of those smarty pants that used Adsense for keyword research in the first place, like us, you definitely are using the wrong keywords. That means your not getting the traffic you could be and your not generating the revenue you should be!

So I'm going to stick my neck out on the blog and run a live trial - that is I don't know what the figures will be because I haven't checked them yet.  The important point to remember is that pretty much everyone tells you, you must run keyword research using Overture, Wordtracker or Keyword Discovery.  In my opinion these tools don't tell you what Keywords you should be optimising for Google.  So with my head in the guillotine that's start by checking stats on "SEO" keywords  starting with the top 2 phrases on Google and comparing what everyone else says.


SEO - 301,000 (average) / 246,000 (June)
SEO UK -  14,800 (average) / 18,100 (June)
Ratio - 1 in 20


SEO - 240 - 9,193 (average)
SEO UK - 240 - 9,193 (average)
Ratio - same

MSN Adlabs

SEO - 242,571(June)
SEO UK - 6,977 (June)
Ratio - 1 in 35.


SEO - 1737
SEO UK - 10
Ratio - 1 in 137

Keyword Discovery

SEO UK - 18,974
SEO UK - 5
Ratio - 1 in 3795

I don't think i need to say anything much - I'll leave that for another post.  However the results are if you want a tool that provides authorative and precise data it's Adwords keyword research tool.