Adwords mistake exposes new Macbook - Yeh Right, the start of a social media campaign

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By Guy Levine
on 5/10/09

It seems that there was a little issue with Google Adwords and Apple. It is claimed and screen captured that Apple had been caught out by writing adverts for their new products too early, and then someone setting them live to early 'by mistake!'

When people were clicking on the adverts, they were taken to a ‘product does not exist page’ on the website as the products had not been released yet.

Now it’s only today that I have become an Apple officiando with the purchase of my first Iphone, which I love by the way, so some of my facts may be wrong.

You can check them on the apple insider site and search cowboys (and even see my comment which has sparked this article)


Anyway – This has got to be the start of something social, and if it isn’t, it should be.

  • Social Media starts by finding a group of people to connect with. Adwords/Adsense is perfect for this as it is all based on either displaying a message according to user intent (a search) or user interest (someone reading content).
  • Social Media starts best with something funny (youtube) something useful (those damn top 10 lists) or a rumour/insider secret!
  • Social Media compounds. There are now additions that new signage has been sent to the Apple Stores which are not to be opened yet – oooh, intrigue!
  • Social Media executed well get people talking – well, this is being tweeted and i am writing about it, twice!

So, Apple potentially knew what they were doing. Accidentally set a new advert live, saw how many clicks it got and gave itself an idea of potential traffic to the site. It might also have wanted to get people talking about the new launch, something which Apple lovers will do as let’s face it, their kit is sexy!

Then again, it could have just been a mistake. But there are too many good pointers here to miss out on. Embrace the social!