AdWords Remarketing Feature

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By Rachel Smith
on 13/4/10

Recently Google announced the launch of a new feature called 'Remarketing' (official launch here).

What is Remarketing?

This feature allows you to display your Google Ads to users who have previously been on your site whilst they are surfing sites within the content network. An example of this would be if you had a site selling tickets for events. If a visitor was looking at your site in the morning and left without making a purchase but was later surfing another relevant site within the PPC Google content network, they would see your AdWords Ad.

Remarketing is a simple way to connect with users, based on their past interactions with your website.

How do I setup a Remarketing campaign?

You can easily set up and create a remarketing campaign through the new “Audiences” tab in your AdWords account. A remarketing campaign allows you to take advantage of the same features and reports you use every day in AdWords.

You can even target users who only visit certain sections of your website. For example, you could display an Ad advertising tickets for a particular band for users who have visted relevant pages on your site. You couldnt get much more targeted than advertising the latest Arctic Monkeys tickets to users who have previously visited the Arctic Monkeys band page on your site.

adwords remarketing

Whats our view on this?

We are in the process of running AdWords remarketing trials with some of our clients and we will be happy to share our experiences with you when we have seen the results.