Another Viral Video Example- Follow Up Post

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By Guy Levine
on 18/9/09

In response to our post this week about viral video – thanks Phil, we have found a good example which makes us chuckle.

This (JK Wedding Video) started off as its own private video for some very creative people at their wedding. I can’t really see my Parents have letting me do this at mine, but the video has seen over 24 million views. In a word, it has gone Viral and even created its own genre of video. The ‘let’s do a funny dance at our wedding’ video. There are quite a lot of them on YouTube

Since the whole Chris Brown – Rhianna thing (the music on the video is by Chris Brown!) they have added a donation ability for a charity against domestic violence.

The challenge is how to make this work for business - but that my friendly reader is a whole different post!