Apple & Microsoft Together? - Love and Search Work in Mysterious Ways!

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By Jade Hark
on 20/1/10

At the begining of the year it wouldn't be unusual to compile a post of predictions for what is likely to happen over the next 12 months.  I've no doubt I'd have few complaints if I predicted a tablet PC from Apple, or that personalised search was going to start to have a bigger influence on the Google search results pages.

But what if I predicted that Apple and Microsoft where going to work together.  That's right, actually get round the same table and thrash out a deal that will benefit both parties?  Sure, there are versions of Microsoft Office for the Mac, but I've no doubt that such a suggestion would likely have seemed so unlikely that it wouldn't have instigated a response.  But guess what???  It looks like it may be on the cards, all brought about by Google deciding to tread on the toes of Apple's iPhone and release their very own  mobile phone.

The iPhone currently uses Google as the default search engine in its mobile Safari web browser.  However, with the recent release of the Google phone and Bing actually not being that bad they seem to be considering ditching Google and having Bing as their search provider of choice.  The likely knock on effect of course will be Bing becoming the default search engine for Safari on the Mac too, a Microsoft product as a default on a Mac?!

Now, while this is big news for Apple geeks it may also have a wider impact on search too.  If anything it signifies the rise of Bing, the fact that they are even being considered by Apple for the job is testament to the progress it is making and being the default search engine for Windows and Mac OSX machines is not an advantage to be overlooked in the fight for search engine market share.

Could this be the big kick-start that makes Bing a real competitor, or is it simply Apple making a fuss to dominate the news ahead of a product launch?  Let me know your thoughts and what your impressions of Bing have been so far in the comments below, would you end up using it more if it was the default search engine on your phone or would you still revert to Google?