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By Guy Levine
on 15/5/08

Getting Better Page Rank: 10 things you (probably!) didn't know about page rank

1 - Page Rank is on a logarithmic scale. That simply means if you go from a PR1 to PR2, it's bigger jump to PR3.
2 - Page Rank is rounded down so if your a fraction from getting a PR 5 you'll still show as a PR4.
3 - Live Page Rank is not the same as toolbar Page Rank, which can be several months out of date
4 - Page Rank is now not a major factor in getting ranked in Google!
5 - Page Rank is generally updated on the last few days of each month.
6 - Page Rank pages can often be 0, usually because of links that are invisible so Search Engines can't see them
7 - Google see this same page as four seperate pages and so will dilute PR:

8 - The average of every page on the web is PR1
9 - Links with no follow in them don't pass PR on, however, apparently recent research has highlighted this may not be true
10 - Page Rank sounds important, but it is really a pun, named after it's inventor Larry Page!