Black Friday Review, The Race For Revenue

Keep up with the very latest developments in the digital marketing world

By Rachel Smith
on 3/12/15

We saw some great client results here at Return On Digital over the Black Friday and Cyber Weekend, with even some clients having their best November on record. It was reported just before the eRetailer’s Weekend Of Dreams, that over £1bn would be spent on Black Friday alone, and it absolutely smashed it! To add to this mind blowing fact, Amazon apparently took up a whopping 36% of the worldwide Black Friday revenue. Figure that one out. You can find their press release here.

However, there were some folks who weren’t prepared as predicted in my previous blog post. I specifically did some hunting for websites (whilst also getting myself some bargains – lovin’ my new matching kettle and toaster by the way) that had failed to meet Black Friday standards. To name and shame but a few were; EE, O2 and also The Fragrance Shop.



The Fragrance Shop




Honestly, I am not here to show off how my predictions came true (much), I genuinely feel sad that these websites missed out on some amazing revenue as it is so easy to do. I am wanting to raise awareness to all the eRetailers out there and try and change things around before Christmas. You have Christmas, Boxing Day and Christmas 2.0 (the sales) to absolutely smash and get the best out of.

If £1bn was spent on one day, imagine what the whole of December could bring.

But in all seriousness, my tips for Christmas and into the New Year are pretty similar to my Black Friday ones, but some key notes are:

  • Prepare your Christmas, Boxing Day & New Year offers and get your landing pages and ads built. (Also, don’t forget, you can still get an award winning digital agency to help you with this…)
  • Decide on your festive budgets – Google would suggest at least doubling your budgets over this next month, because believe me, the demand really is out there and you want your piece of the Revenue Pie.
  • To make life even easier, create specific campaigns where you can set campaign level timings so one you have built everything, you literally don’t even need to do anything. Let AdWords do the work for you so you can enjoy your sprouts and sherry in peace (Am I the only one who actually likes sprouts?).
  • Get your Google Shopping feeds in tip top condition. The better the feed, the better the Quality Score.


This year has been predicted as the start of the end for the high street shop (RIP), and after looking at this year, just imagine what 2016 will bring. If you’re worried, or just want some extra information; you know where we are, and we would love to help you.