Women of Return

Celebrating International Women’s Day with Some of Return’s Most Talented Women

By Jade Hark
on 8/3/18

March 8 is International Women’s Day. To celebrate the super-talented ladies in our industry, we asked some of our female team members and clients what the day means to them, how the marketing industry has progressed for women throughout their careers and which women are most inspirational to them.


  1. What does international Women’s Day mean to you?

For me, I’ll take today as an opportunity to reflect, to celebrate achievement, and to say thank you to all the wonderful women who have inspired positive change.

 - Mellissa Flowerdew-Clarke, Marketing Director at Return


International women’s day is a day to celebrate and recognise the efforts and work of so many women around the world disregarding any ethnic, cultural, linguistic or economical division. It’s about showing our strength and power and showing we’re not only women, we’re leaders.

  - Rodica Lazar, Head of Organic Performance at Return


                 Rodica Lazar

A chance to celebrate progress.

  - Lindsey Howard, Financial Controller at Return


 It’s a day to appreciate women and all they have achieved so far, e.g. being mothers and bearing children, fighting for the right to vote, fighting against sexual harassment and, currently, fighting for equal pay.

 - Divya Patel, Senior Paid Search Executive at Return


   2. What does being a woman in business mean to you?

I’m proud to be a board director at a company where gender inequality simply doesn’t exist (we have an equal split in our senior management team), and I know that I’m lucky to work somewhere that doesn’t limit anyone’s potential. It’s important for women in senior positions to dispel the fear around glass ceilings. If enough of us break through, there’s a path for other women to follow.

  - Mellissa Flowerdew-Clarke


                          Mellissa Flowerdew-Clarke

We have just as much of a right to succeed in our careers and work towards achieving our goals as the next guy. A woman in business should have equal opportunities to success just as any man in business.

  - Divya Patel


  3. How has being a woman in business changed since you started?  Are there     any major changes youve been happy to see?

I had plenty of #MeToo moments in my early career, and it’s only with experience and hindsight that I can see where I was held back from achieving more. But with the rise of new industries, disruptors, start-ups and young entrepreneurs, the tide is shifting. Yes, gender equality varies hugely by sector and, yes, there’s still a long way to go in getting women into the senior positions they genuinely deserve, but in only the space of a decade, I can see how far we’ve come.

  - Mellissa Flowerdew-Clarke

There are more women progressing into senior positions than ever before and I am proud to work among so many talented women at Return.

 - Lindsey Howard


                                             Lindsey Howard  

4. How has the power of women made a change to business over the years?

Credit Suisse research last year showed that businesses where women make up at least 15% of senior management are 50% more profitable than those where fewer than 10% of senior managers are female. Enough said.

  - Mellissa Flowerdew-Clarke

  5. Following the ‘Time’s Up’ and #MeToo movements, what do you think the next five years have in store for women?

Things are improving, but you can’t expect to change learned behaviours and dated mindsets overnight. I hope that in five years’ time we don’t just see women in senior positions to hit a Government quota, or every awards ceremony being used as a platform for protest, or every advertising campaign including an empowering hashtag. I want to see genuine credit where it’s due, a rise in the number of female CEOs, and world leaders that lead by example…

  - Mellissa Flowerdew-Clarke

 I think that women will have a louder voice moving forward and sexual harassment in the workplace won’t be something people will brush under the carpet easily. Allegations will be taken very seriously and, more importantly, women will be heard.

  - Divya Patel

divya-patel                                                              Divya Patel

  6. Which woman inspires you the most?

I can’t name just one! From Malala Yousafzai to Frida Kahlo, Michelle Obama to Vivienne Westwood, Amelia Earhart to the matriarchs in my own family– I’m inspired every day by women who are bold, creative and determined.

 - Mellissa Flowerdew-Clarke


My Nan. She’s an original badass and deals with whatever life has thrown at her with grit, sarcasm and fabulous jewellery!

 - Lindsey Howard


We asked one of our clients, Pink Boutique who inspires them the most;

Michelle Obama. She’s the full package – beauty, intellect and compassion.

  - Caroline Smith, Marketing Director at Pink Boutique

Michelle obama

  Jo Malone. For her passion, ambition and fantastic business success.  

  - Lisa Kelly, Social Media Manager at Pink Boutique