Close encounters of the Google kind

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By Dave Ashworth
on 15/9/09

Google will often introduce a new graphic for the day when there is some sort of special occasion, famous birthday or just a general celebration they feel they can accommodate within their logo, though the current “crop” have got us somewhat stumped.

On September 5th we saw the “O” being abducted by a flying saucer:

unexplained phenomena

note, the image here is called “go_gle.gif”.  The image in this instance clicked through to search results for “unexplained phenomena”.

Today, Sept 15th, we see:

crop circles

With the L missing and the image clicks through to a search result for “crop circles”.  Ok, the L actually looks like it’s been created by what I assume is a tractor, though the image name in this instance is “goog_e.gif”.

Whilst it’s quite clear as to what the theme is, what remains to be seen is the reason behind this – hopefully this one will not go unexplained.

Update - 21/09/09

Along with the crop circle image, Google tweeted the latitude and longitude of Horsell Common in Surrey which as it turns out is featured within HG Wells' War Of The Worlds.  This led many to believe the images were being used to celebrate H.G. Wells' birthday which Google have now confirmed to be the case and will issue a new graphic today to celebrate what would've been his 143rd birthday.