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By Jade Hark
on 13/8/14

Attracting a user’s attention in today’s digital landscape takes effort. One way Return On Digital does this is through Call To Actions (CTA) to help us obtain clicks through to our desired pages.

Now you can create a branded CTA in minutes too! Download our design in this free template, then follow our step by step guide.

Step 1 - Getting Started

  • Download the template here.
  • Open the document in Adobe Photoshop or a free alternative such as GIMP.
  • Below is what you should see when you open Photoshop.


Step 2 - Changing The Colours

The background

  • The first thing you need to do is change the colours of the background by clicking the 'Background' folder and then clicking 'Background Colour'.
  • Find the hex codes for your brand either by referring to your brand guidelines or using a browser extension such as ColorPick Eyedropper to determine the hex codes on your website.



  • Change the colour of the background by selecting the rounded rectangle box from the left hand side tool pallet.



  • Then go to the top tool bar and adjust the colour of the fill and stroke as well as the thickness of the stroke.




  • When you click here you will be given an option of pre-existing colours, but ignore this and click the multicoloured box where you will be given an option to enter a hex code.



The button


  • Firstly, click the 'Button' folder and select the top light colour.
  • For this colour, I recommend using either your brand or contrasting colours. To do this select the 'Rectangle Tool' and change the colour.


  • Next select 'Bottom Dark' and enter the hex code you used for 'Top Light'. On the colour picker drag the circle slightly into a darker area. This will help your top brand colour and button stand out more.




  • To change the colour of the text select the text layers and click the colour box on the top bar.





  • Use a strong image of the product or offer you are promoting to help increase click through rate. Simply delete or hide our image and then bring in your saved image by dragging the file into your Photoshop window. This will resize the image to a perfect size.
  • For this Call To Action it's better if you use a .png image. This basically means your image will have a transparent background. You can easily find these types of images on Google Images by selecting your colour as transparent.


Step 3 - Changing The Text

  • To change text simply select the layer you wish to change, select the text tool and click the layer.


  • Delete the existing text and insert your copy. You can then make additional changes to the colour, size, font, alignment etc at the top tool bar.

Now you have created your call to action save the file in a .png or .jpg format and add to your website. To keep track of clicks use a link and Google Analytics to see if the CTA has had any affect.

For more free templates and downloads visit our Digital Marketing Resource Centre.

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