Create Your Own Infographic For Your Twitter Account

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By Herdy Ramanuj
on 29/7/11

While searching around for some interesting infographics, I came across a new ‘create your own’ infographic created by based upon your Twitter account and stats. It also has a catchy name ‘You Are What You Tweet’.

The infographic takes into consideration your tweets, follower ratio, tweets your sending a day, chattiness, enthusiasm and interestingness. It also takes into account your strongest connections. Before you see all this though, you get to choose your character to look similar to yourself, with gender/hair colour/hair style/eye colour/skin tone and accessory. It lets you create one for yourself, or alternatively you vs. a celebrity or another twitter user/friend. I have compared two guys in office, Guy Levine (CEO) and Dave Ashworth (SEO Executive) to see how they stacked up: