Dental Practices Must Use WMA for Internet Marketing & SEO. £45,297.27 And 63 New Patients In 90 Days For 3.5k

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By Guy Levine
on 1/10/09

We have talked about Ollie & Darsh before. They are a fantastic dental practice based in Liverpool. We really love working with them because they implement our suggestions and push us to do more and be more creative.

The results speak for themselves.

So far O&D are 3 months into our 1st stage, 12 month project. They have paid us approx. £3,500 including Google advertising costs. From their latest reports, in those three months they have had £45,297.27of new treatments and 63 new patients. This does not include subscription to membership schemes which obviously compounds this year on year.

That is a massive 1294% Return On Investment!

We are not just one hit wonders either. WMA is working with another dental practice who we can’t reveal at the moment but their website was practically unfindable on the Internet. Not even when people typed the name of the practice. We have now generated them a 218% increase in visitors. Look at the analytics graph below.


They are now on the front page of Google for searches like Invisalign, private dentist, veneers and tooth whitening in their area.

Oh, the reason why we can’t mention them is because we don’t have their full stats on ROI yet. When we do and can back up our claims with full figures, we will... The only thing I can report is that they have told us phone calls mentioning the magic ‘I found your website’ phrase are on the increase...big time!

For the realists and cynics out there

A well respected and liked dentist by myself and the dental community recently made time to have a meeting with us about our services. He asked a really astute question. “Ollie & Darsh don’t even have fantastic natural rankings yet so why are you so good?” Or something like that. (They do appear on 1st and 2nd pages of Google for most of their keywords and they are getting strong every week)

The reason our clients make such good ROI is because we work on a toolkit principle. Dentists have probes, porcelain, drills, amalgam and use it all to make amazing smiles. If the dentist just had a probe, nothing much is going to happen. Search Engine Optimisation is part of our toolkit, but it’s not the be all and end all of Digital Marketing. If it was, when Google has their next bright idea and rankings dip – new patient acquisition suffers.

So now give the dentist a probe, give him a great way of taking impressions, give him a fantastic Lab or a CEREC (sexy gear or what), give him a 1st class team around him, and give him a patient who does what they are told and the result will do what teeth are meant to...attract the opposite sex ;)

So give us search engine optimisation, give us email marketing, give us pay per click, allow us to optimise conversion rates by ‘messing’ with your site, don’t take it personally when we tell you your website hygiene is crap and your current website designer/’SEOGuru’ is taking you for a ride, and get amazing results.

What they often don’t tell you is that if return on investment can’t be made with pay per click, search engine optimisation isn’t going to be a magic wand. However, if pay per click works, then SEO is going to generate free traffic and that’s going to add rocket fuel to the mixture.

Anyway, that’s my rant over!

The bottom line is due to the way we work, we can only work with one practice per area so there is no two of our clients competing for the same keyword. Spaces are limited. If you need to acquire new patients,  will implement what we suggest and are good to work with, call us - 0845 86 22122 and ask for Guy.

 Here is a video from Ollie & Darsh we have showed before – but we could watch it over and over!

Again, if this is something you want to do – call us! 0845 86 22122 and ask for Guy