Dentists Should Be Twittering - Here is why!

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By Guy Levine
on 15/4/09

If you have been listening to me for a while, you will know I have been banging on about Twitter. Although I do think it is a bit of a fad, I also think there is some real benefits. As I have said before, Twitter is just a marketing medium, nothing more or less. If your message is rubbish, your results will be as well. Joining Twitter, or Facebook for that matter will not make your business explode over night. Get it right, and you can pick off new clients.


Here is an example for dentists.


I was watching my twitter stream using Tweet Deck (more info coming soon) and saw the post below.


Now I happen to know that this guy is based in Edinburgh (also found out from his Twitter Bio). If I had a search set up on Twitter for ‘dentist’, that post would have popped up. Then all I have to do is make a simple reply tp him asking why is it the dentist of doom? Conversation started!