Facebook Knows Your Face, So Watch Out

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By Dave Ashworth
on 17/12/10

I don’t use Facebook as much as I used to, certainly not in a Farmville sort of a way, more just for uploading the odd photo album.

The last time I did this I was pretty impressed that Facebook grouped all the faces it found in the pictures and presuming they were the same person allowed you to multi tag several pictures at once.

I was impressed – so much so I even tweeted about this at the time:!/dave_ashworth/status/3871589078663168

and to which my cousin replied:!/psbook/statuses/3882755540652032

Well – that time is upon us with the following announcement:


“When you or a friend upload new photos, we use face recognition software—similar to that found in many photo editing tools—to match your new photos to other photos you're tagged in. We group similar photos together and, whenever possible, suggest the name of the friend in the photos.”

Fortunately, you will only be recognised in photos by “friends” – so you won’t be tagged if you are caught “gegging” in some random strangers photos – and there are privacy settings but it would seem you have to opt out, as opposed to opt in.

It’s a great time saver, no question, but can’t help thinking something is going to go wrong at some point and there’s a big lawsuit waiting for Facebook when some bloke gets tagged in an uncompromising position with someone who is not his wife...