Facebook Timeline Launches For Business Pages.

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By Herdy Ramanuj
on 29/2/12

At the start of the month it was confirmed that Facebook Timeline business pages would launch. The day has finally come and you can now get Timeline for your page. The business pages now replicate the profile pages with a large cover photo at the top. Although Timeline isn’t to everyone’s taste this is a great way for brands to translate their key message into visual images. Ben & Jerry’s are one of the first know brands to design their cover art:

The visual billboard at the top (852 pixels x 315 pixels) can be used to convey a lot of information about a business. There’s no doubt that in the coming months you will see businesses becoming extremely creative with their designs. It’s extremely easy to change this cover photo so it might be worth creating multiple version of your cover photo and changing it regularly.

As you’ve no longer got the landing pages to entice users to ‘like’ your page the main way is now through your cover photo. It’s probably worth creating a watermark or having your website on your image purely so users can be invited back to your business home base if this image gets shared. By doing this it allows for the opportunity of users sharing it through Facebook, pinning & tweeting. There's no doubt that a some point in the future that brands will start selling this cover art as 'advertising space', for example magazines in particular. Another great opportunity for Facebook to increase revenues...

Some advice for brands:

1)      Design a creative cover photo that mirrors your brand & strategy

2)      Watermark the image

3)      Have a profile picture that doesn’t clash

It’s also worth thinking historically; you might want to create dates and memories from the start of your business. You can now post pictures from the entire start…effectively being an online scrap book. A great example of a full profile is Nicolas Sarkozy, his profile dates back to the 1970’s, even before the internet was created!

Be creative with your profile…the possibilities are endless.