Facebook To Launch 'Music Dashboard' With Spotify And Other Music Clients

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By Herdy Ramanuj
on 21/6/11

According to reports Facebook is soon to be offering a new music service that will allow users to access and listen to music from services such as Spotify through their Facebook page. It will also allow others to see what their friends are listening to.

Although this is currently rumours, the report by GigaOM claim to have an in-depth scoop on Facebook’s music feature. It has been dubbed ‘Music Dashboard’ and will be easily accessed from a new tab on the users Facebook homepage in the left hand column. However the tab will apparently only appear if the user has listened to music previously with one of Facebook’s partner music services, states Om Malik founder of GigaOm. Once the user has clicked the tab, it will show all the tracks that they have previously listened to, showing the number of times they have played the track, and the current top tracks. A ‘Music Dashboard’ would get Facebook users to stay on the site throughout the day if that’s where the individual streamed their music from, and would increase exposure of their ads.

A ‘Playback/Pause’ button will be integrated alongside where the current chat icon is located, where it will serve as a controller for the playing music, as well as a quick snapshot to let users see what song is playing on any music streaming service they are logged into using Facebook Connect. According to sources the ‘Music Dashboard’ will include other features, including recommended songs, top songs, top albums and recent listens from your friends.

Business Insider, stated the new service could potentially become a ‘billion dollar’ business for Facebook. However with huge licensing fees that contributes (legally) music streaming, it is currently unknown about how Facebook will be able to make money from the new service. Furthermore, if it does prove successful, it has potential to cut into Apple’s iTunes market share, increasing the current rift between Apple and Facebook. The rivalry between Apple and Facebook has heated up recently with Apple integrating Twitter intensely into iOS 5 and Facebook trying to sidestep Apple’s app store with a web based app accessible through mobile Safari.