Flexible Targeting On The Google Display Network

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By Rachel Smith
on 3/8/12

Over the past few months Google have been making a number of changes to the Adwords interface. Last month Google announced the launch of a ‘Flexible Reach’ display setting which will allow better control of how you target the Google Display network. The full article can be found here.

The new feature is available within the ‘Networks and Devices’ section of settings which will look something like the screen shot below:

Previously it was possible to select broad reach (shows ads on pages that match your primary targeting e.g. keyword match) or specific reach (only shows ads on pages that match all targeting method e.g. keyword and placement match) at campaign level, but this is now possible at ad group level which will allow you to fine tune your target methods.
This new feature makes it much easier to run trails to see which target methods perform better whether it is conversions or volume for brand awareness.

Although this new feature has its advantages, Google will eventually be making this a default setting. That is likely to have ‘broad reach’ as the default targeting method for each ad group in new campaigns which will see a rise in impressions, clicks and cost.