Foursquare Events - Check Into Football Matches, Films & Gigs

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By Dave Ashworth
on 22/8/11

Just last week, Foursquare announced that along with various partners, they were allowing users to now check in at specific events at various, relevant venues.

One of theses partners is ESPN, who announced "Sports fans will notice something new this week when they check in at the game with foursquare."

And it's true, when checking in at the Reebok Stadium yesterday to take in Bolton V Man City, I saw the following screen:

Instead of just checking into the venue, you can alternatively check into the event itself. ESPN are doing this to provide sports fans with additional information for the game such as stats, previous encounters, form etc - or so they say - upon my check in I was greeted with the following additional information:

I wouldn't mind that there was nothing to say about the game, but they even managed to get the fixture the wrong way round and put City as the home team!  Still, it will be interesting to see how this develops as the season goes on and also to see if users start to embrace this new functionality.

It doesn't stop at sports events either - movies and gigs are also catered for - as I'm planning to take in Super 8 this week and have a couple of gigs coming up, it will be a chance to further see how Events will enhance my checking in experience.