Further SEO efforts from the BBC?

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By Dave Ashworth
on 11/3/10

Late last year, the BBC introduced SEO to their site by extending the title tags on their individual news story pages. Next up, they are releasing a new site in beta - they say the reason why is navigation but whilst that is true, I think it's to assist their SEO efforts as opposed to "easier and faster access to the most popular sites across the BBC ".

Here is the existing site:

Where let's be honest, it's not exactly hard to find News, Sport or Weather - even less so if you've gone all bespoke on it. Following the link to the new Beta site takes you here:

Other than the absence of the clock, the only real difference (as they've pointed out) is the navigation. I'm always one for keyword rich links making up your main navigation so opting for this new top menu would suggest to me they're starting to implement good SEO practice across their sites. They actually do rank no.1 for the terms "news", "sport" and "weather" but the original changes to title tags would suggest they're keen to get good practice SEO going on. Perhaps with Rupert Murdoch wanting news to kept from the reaches of Google, they've spotted an opportunity to ensure maximum exposure for the free to read content on their website.

Whilst on the subject of the BBC, a competitor to iPlayer has been launched in the form of MSN Video Player. The reason I mention this, I like the message you see when viewed in Google Chrome that tells you to get a better browser:

Bit cheeky? Maybe, but I like it.