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By Guy Levine
on 27/5/08

Today we have been writing a proposal for a London based client who is looking to do some search engine optimisation.

As with all our clients, they want top listing for a tier 1 keyword, which would be something like SEO or Golf or Tennis. The business issue is that visitors who originate from these kind of searches never turn into business as they are far too broad. The other issue is that there is so much competition page wise, that it makes it a major job to get to the front page.

Geo tagging keywords does the trick, so SEO becomes SEO Manchester. That simple addition of a location changes the competition from 235,000,000 to 536,000. Now that’s where we like to play. SEO Manchester all day long. It’s much cheaper for the client and the truth is for many businesses its far more effective at delivering qualified traffic to the website, which ultimately means more profit per visitor.

And yes, if you read this post, you will see an example of keyword optimised copy – can you guess what the term is? SEO Manchester...purely used for an example of course.