Get Some Online Culture With Google Art Project

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By Dave Ashworth
on 3/2/11

Having pretty much conquered the outside world with Street View, Google are moving in doors and have brought us the Google Art Project.

The Google Street View Car has been replaced with a tricycle that has been pedalled round 17 art galleries, around 385 rooms and captured over 1,000 pieces of art by 486 artists.

The video below from the official Google Art Project introduces the galleries involved and gives you an behind the scenes look at how they went about capturing the pieces of art:

Having had a virtual stroll round some of the world's more famous galleries I came across some fine works of art:

It's certainly a convenient way of seeing famous art from around the world in this way - though more interestingly, as well as having a separate website for the art project, it's also integrated into Google Maps too, so if you're taking a 3D stroll round New York and fancy popping into The Museum Of Modern Art, well, you can:

With Google integrating Street View, the Art Project and the ability to enter buildings, I think it's safe to say that we can expect a whole host of buildings, architecture and landmarks to become more accessible in the near future: Google Grand Canyon, Google Machu Picchu and Google Colosseum will all soon be with us I expect.

Google Great Barrier Reef - that's the one I'm looking forward too.