Google Ad Extensions

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By Rachel Smith
on 18/3/10

Recenty, Google have introduced new AdWords ad formats in the form of Ad Extensions.

They have been live in the U.S. for some time now but have only recently been made available to UK advertisers.

I have been testing a particular format of Ad Extension in the last few weeks and have experienced a big jump in CTR (Click Through Rate). Not only did these ads experience an increase in traffic but the quality of this traffic also improved. This was proved by an increase in conversion rate and a considerable decrease in Bounce Rate.

The particular format I have been testing is the Ad Extension known as 'more links' and gives you the ability to add text links to various pages of your site underneath your traditional AdWords ad.

These links can be used to advertise particular offers you are running or if you are really clever you could look into the analytics of your site to see if particular page views had any effect on conversion rate.

One of my previous clients experienced a 25% increase in conversion rate whenever a visitor visited the 'about us' page on their site. Imagine if this client had the opportunity to push more of their traffic through to a page that increased conversion by that much.

An example of a 'more links' Ad Extension.

The Ad Extensions will only appear in your ad if it is in position 1 and has a top end quality score. Ad Extensions typically work best on brand name searches.

Google AdWords Ad Extensions are available in other formats including:

Video Ad Extensions

Map Ad Extensions

Product Ad Extensions