Google Analytics is changing!!

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By Guy Levine
on 15/4/11

Has anybody else been given the privilege to trial out Google Analytics new Interface? Not a problem, I can give you a taster on what you can expect!

Ok, so the general look and feel, of the analytics interface has changed.

The first thing is the tree structure on the Overview panel where you can see your Accounts. Previously you would have to click into the account to see the available profiles for that account, but with the tree structure of the new interface you can see Accounts and Profiles in one view so it makes it easier to see what you have if you’ve got several accounts and profiles.

The Dashboard
The new layout means that you have a tabbed format for being able to see the dashboard and Main Reports. Its also a lot more obvious to the user how to set up custom reports as well, as highlighted in black on the image below. The new interface also gives you the option of creating your own dashboard. However, I believe that the add widget functionality is sufficient for the time being, but I’m sure there are several benefits for being able to create your own dashboard.

Traffic Sources
This element of the interface is a bit long winded in that, traditionally we are in the swing of just going to Traffic Sources > Keywords and then here you filter by all, non-paid or paid. Whereas with the new interface the whole structure has changed. You have to go to Traffic Sources > Incoming Sources > Search and then you have the option of Overview, organic or paid. So with the older interface you are only 2 clicks away from seeing your keywords report whereas in the new interface you are around 4 clicks away.

So there you have it, in a nutshell I have just given you a quick snapshot of the new interface. Once it has been rolled out you will be able to explore more features for yourself and get to grips with what's better and what’s not. I’m sure there will be plenty of people blogging about the new interface!

Overall opinion
I actually like the new interface because its got a tabbed layout to get to the main site report as well as the dashboard so because its tabbed, you don’t lose your main report but you can still switch between the dashboard and main detailed report, so I really like that about it. In some cases its easier to look for certain bits of data when it comes to revenue, for example in e-commerce websites, whereas in others, such as traffic sources, its actually harder to get to your keywords report.

I guess with all new things there are some good points and some bad points but overall I quite like the new interface and have already started using it!