Google Animated Logos Demonstrate HTML5 Capabilities

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By Dave Ashworth
on 7/9/10

The Google logo of the day is quite an impressive array of coloured balls that will move around the screen according to where you take your mouse.

Put like that, it doesn't sound that impressive, we've all done that online at some point - but take note, Flash is not involved in anyway of the moving of the balls:

Which when responds to mouse actions in the following way:

This follows hot in the heels of the Google logo published on Sunday, which was a Fullerene (or Buckyball in American).  Again, this was a Flash free animation whereby the ball reacted and span to mouse movement.

Also noticeable was the difference in quality between the animation when viewed in IE as opposed to Chrome (i.e. vast).

Therefore, as opposed to actually celebrating or commerating something - as more often than not these logos do - I would suspect that Google are showing off the capabilities of HTML5 within Chrome.  These aren't the first logos to do this, there was also the PacMan game that you could actually play published back in May.

In addition to this, Google and Arcade Fire recently teamed up to bring this HTML5 experience of their latest video, entitled "The Wilderness Downtown.

Again, the precursor was it will work better in Chrome.

So it would seem that Google and Chrome are looking to lead the way in showcasing HTML5 by showing us what it can actually do.  I for one hope that it takes off, I always thought Flash was overrated anyway.