Google Gets a Facelift & New Features!

Keep up with the very latest developments in the digital marketing world

By Jade Hark
on 1/4/10

The clocks have gone forward and the birds are singing in the trees, it's Spring!!! (Maybe in title, looking at the weather, maybe not just yet!) Anyway, Spring is traditionally a time for cleaning, and getting rid of the old (though admittedly, I'm one of the last people who should be commenting on cleaning) so what a great time for Google to roll out its new user interface for (almost) everyone.

In true Google style, they seem to have been selective on who receives the updated user interface, for example, it seems like only I have been lucky enough to get the new UI in our office, not sure if I should be happy about that fact or not?! Anyway, for those who haven't yet seen the new Google interface I have picked some of the most important new changes and documented them below for your viewing pleasure.


The new sidebar for filtering results is where the fun begins and there are some cool new features to help really filter and personalise the results.

The sidebar allows for some useful filtering of search results, as well as some more abstract options that seem to currently being used to trial out how Google processes related searches.

Page Images

An image is shown related to the sites appearing in the search results, there is an opportunity for optimisation here as well as ensuring that the images on your site of good quality.  A prime example of the Google search results being the first page of your site and proposition.

Page Previews

This is similar to the functionality seen in Bing, it adds a nice thumbnail of the page related to the URL being shown,  What was that about the Google search results being the first page of your site???

Wonder Wheel

This may not be of too much use  to many people yet, but it is a cool way to see related searches to your main search phrase. At the moment it looks tailor made for researchers, but over time I think this could make its way into more of our search habits - definitely one to watch.

So there you have it, these are some of the innovations coming out of the Googleplex.  If like me you have noticed these changes in your browser I'd advise taking a few minutes to have a bit of a play with what is on offer.  Googling your name and then using the Wonder Wheel can lead to some interesting results!  This is another clear sign of how search is changing, but more importantly, it's a clear indication of how important that search result page is for your brand and the products you offer.  The world of search is moving with the times and is moving away from the humble title and meta description to entice visitors, and the search results page really is becoming the new homepage.