Google Looking Pretty in Pink

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By Jade Hark
on 21/7/10

It appears that my machine is our local Google test centre here in the Return on Digital office and any tests Google are carrying out seem to affect me first.  Now, some would say that this is because I'm a well rounded, experienced web user (just me then) others would just say I've been selected at random.

Whatever the case may be, I've noticed another quick test being carried out on the sponsored listings this morning.  All of the sponsored listings being shown have a pink background, as opposed to the common yellow / beige colour.  An example is shown below:

This may not be all that interesting on its own, however, it does show that even the biggest companies on the Internet are aware that different factors do and can have a massive effect on conversion.  If Google think it is worth testing a different colour, and there is no doubt they are doing it to test conversion, then maybe it could be time to think about conversion rate optimisation for your site.  Starting with something as simple as a colour change could be a good place to get the ball rolling, after all it's a strategy with a pedigree now.