Google Mails Out Authorship Emails + How To Check Out Your CTR

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By Dave Ashworth
on 25/9/12

Although Authorship and Author Rank has been around for some time, Google yesterday sent mails out to many of those who have implemented the mark up informing them that their photos and Google Plus profile links will now appear beside their articles in the SERPs:

Am not sure why these emails were sent out now - am guessing it could be that Google are now making Author Rank "official" and pushing for more writers to mark up their articles and get involved on Google Plus.

A couple of interesting things that were highlighted in the email were:

- the ability to check all your marked up pages within Google's index

- by logging in to Webmaster Tools using your G+ account, you can see how your articles have been performing in terms of impressions, CTR and average position:

Have you got involved on Google Plus and Author Rank yet?  Have you seen your profile appearing in the SERPs?  Let us know