Google Monopoly to hit the City Streets

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By Dave Ashworth
on 8/9/09

Whilst Google are often considered a monopoly within search, their next step is to take the classic board game Monopoly to their streets with the launch of Monopoly City Streets on September 9th.

Well, it’s actually set up by the makers of Monopoly, Hasbro, but utilises Google Maps whilst there are other suggestions of a partnership, the official game blog resides on the Blogger platform.

How it will work exactly remains unclear from the official website, though the following description certainly sounds interesting:

“A live worldwide game of Monopoly using Google Maps as the game board. The goal is simple. Play to beat your friends and the world to become the richest property magnate in existence.”

With $3M to spend you can attempt to buy any street you want and start building right away, so it does sound a far cry from the original whilst this report in the Guardian would tend to suggest there is more of a Sim City / Mega Lo Mania edge to the game as you build your empire whilst looking to crumble others.

All should hopefully be revealed upon launch but I’m already looking forward to the prospect of creating a new skyline in my hometown of Bolton, and when it comes to laying destruction I’ve already got one eye on Wigan....

Oh and if it's possible, I'm being the car.