Google Places Launches iPhone App

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By Dave Ashworth
on 14/1/11

If your business doesn't currently have a Google Place listing, you may well want to think about getting one now with the launch of Google Places for iPhone.

The free app looks to be a rival to AroundMe - upon launch you are greeted with the following screen to search for (mainly) leisure services in your immediate vacinity:

A quick search for bars in the area displays results for nearby businesses that have a Google Places listing:

And "clicking" a result takes you through to the listing displaying reviews, citations etc:

The searches aren't just restricted to the menu options, you can search for any type of businesses, for example, "digital marketing":

Not that anyone would use it for such a service I imagine, but those in the food/drink/leisure businesses should see to it that they get a well optimised Google Places listing as not only are Google increasingly pushing these results into the SERPs, but with Places going mobile, you could well be missing out on potential "offline" visitors.

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