Google Plus A New Look

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By Dave Ashworth
on 29/6/11

After the roll out of the Google Plus 1 buttons and the introduction of Google Plus - a social network (they would like) to rival Facebook, they are now starting to tweak the look and feel of their sites.

First off, a video about Google Plus, in case you're not one of the chosen few who has been invited:

Google have also tweaked his now iconic homepage with a rather noticeable black bar across the top - presumably to draw people's attention to the new plus one project - and to signal a change:

Note, more subtlety, the YouTube videos are now also incorporating the new black bar:

And, so as not to feel left out, the Google Place pages have also had a tidy up and look more organised and what not:

What does all this mean?

Well, whilst the design tweaks look nice, they won't be a game changer but as said, they signal a new dawn for Google and how they approach search and social.

Mind you we've been here before.

Google Wave anyone?

Google Buzz? Remember that?

Until I get an invite and have a play around, I will reserve judgement, but at the moment I would imagine this is just another opportunity for Google to show us that they can't do Social.