Google+ Reaches 20 Million Visitors in Only 21 Days

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By Herdy Ramanuj
on 25/7/11

After Google+ reached 10 million members, reports have shown that Google+ has now reached over 20 million unique visitors. Of these visits, 60% are aged between 18 - 25 years old and 63% are male, according to comScore. This number of visits has come in a short period of time of only 21 days.

Considering it is still only invite only this is a massive amount of visits. Google have a built-in visitor base of more than 1 billion so they could potentially convert a high no. of users to the new social networking platform. Another interesting statistic is the breakdown of the Google+ audience. The U.S. leads with 27% of the total worldwide audience, 5.3 million visitors, with India closely in second with 2.8 million visits. This is followed by UK (867,000 visitors), Canada (859,000 visitors) and Germany (706,000 visitors).

Although initial reports also saw a massive domination in terms of male users, the gender gap has now got smaller, with males accounting to 63% of visitors of 37% females. Along with this, 58% of the total audience is aged between 18-34.

Google are also to launch verified accounts on their service for celebrities and well-known figures. According to Brett Schulte, a Hollywood consultant, Google is ‘very interested in having celebrities’, and are currently exploring this. Although the plan is unconfirmed by Google, the company recently told brands and businesses not to create Google+ profiles, as they are working on a better experience for them.

Google+ has clearly managed to capture the attention of people across the globe with these 20 million visitors. However are the majority of users internet 'geeks' or 'digital marketers', and when will it continue to are more general audience. Very few of my friends currently have Google+ which has generally stopped me regularly participating on the platform, unlike Facebook. The early interest is obviously important but its need constant interaction and contributions in order for it to become a success. Apparently in the past week the no. of average usage days from both home and work computers has increased by over 30%, so it looks like it is taking off, but ultimately only time will tell…