Google Street View Goes Completely Global

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By Dave Ashworth
on 1/10/10

I was impressed when I saw that Google Street View had made it to Wigan, which till now was the most remote place I’d come across whilst browsing the streets of the world.  Now though, they’ve gone one step further and made it all the way to Antarctica: (note the penguin icon they use for browsing the street map)

I’m one of those people who can spend hours (as in minutes when at work) browsing the world, visiting old haunts, looking at landmarks and the like.  If you’re less inquisitive than me, you’d probably prefer a starting point, so you may be pleased to see Google now have a series of starting points based on world famous landmarks, random places from each of the seven continents, beaches in Hawaii and key places in Barrack Obama’s life, such as his favourite plate lunch – the Rainbow Drive in, apparently.

So, there’s something for you to do of a Friday afternoon, presuming you have nothing else to do.

Also, thanks to the eagle eyes at search engine land who spotted some blatant product placement on the streets of Montreal – if you follow the link, then continue down the street, you’ll see the Pepsi van turn into a Coca Cola one.  It’s either a case of advertising gone too far or pictures on different days, depending on how cynical you are: