Google coming to a TV near you

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By Guy Levine
on 20/8/08

Not exactly true but it could be, Google could be coming to your TV. If your a regular reader of our blog you'll know we like to keep an eye on the King of Search, after all it gives us a good indicator of the latest trends in search.

So what are those cheeky scamsters at Google up to exactly. Not happy with dominating your internet connection and trying to dominate your Mobile Phone in the future they also want to dominate your TV. Google are part of the Wireless Innovation Alliance, lobbying for whitespace TV signals , that is the unused TV frequencies, to be free. A web site has even been set up to Free the Airwaves, encouraging you to not just sign a petition but actually upload a video to YouTube.

One great advantage if this goes ahead is using this medium for free wireless internet access. We also know that Google are keen on using Video as a medium for Adsense.  Could we be seeing videos on our own TV's in the future, knowing Google I wouldn't put it passed them.