Google Wave - A Hit Or A Flop? Who Is Gonna Use It!

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By Guy Levine
on 30/9/09

What Is Google Wave?

As an SEO Company, we like to keep abreast of new developments, but what is Google Wave? Google Wave is a soon to be launched ‘real time communication platform.’ Basically what this means is that Google have built a way of combining email, instant messaging, project management, wikis and social networking and anything else they have the technology to do. This is all going to work from within a website browser, which if Google had their choice would be Chrome!

See a screen shot below - which doesnt show much but gives you an idea!

Actually, to make it even simpler, think of it as an elastic band which holds together chat, video, content and your mates!

It’s really quite obvious to see that Google are not just content with ‘owning’ the mechanism we use to search the web, which let’s be honest they do, but now they want to keep you on Google Land. The bottom line for me is that Wave is a cool way of tying up all the social sites Google has been buying and tools they have built, but it will be interesting to see how creatively it is used.

I would also think that Google will want to use this as an opportunity to add more advertising inventory. If a large percentage of the wave is real time, it could provide an excellent opportunity for displaying advertising related to what you are doing/talking/thinking about in the moment. A nice tie-in with Google Adsense!

Maybe even a toe dip into the Mash-up world of web 3.0 – let’s not go this post!

Some cool features that Google have incorporated (which I what I have garnered from other blogs to be honest!)

  • Real time so that you can collaborate without the wait
  • You can embed a whole wave into another website or blog
  • You can build applications for it
  • You can do drag and drop file sharing
  • You can create a Wiki where by people can add and develop content

And as Phil says – it’s another excuse for Google to find out even more about you.

So, let’s see what happens! If you know more or have anything to add, let us know!

--- Update

Since writing this post, things are heating up. What we didn't say is that there are 100,000 beta test invitations going out pretty much as we speak. The best bit is they are now selling for £200 a go on Ebay!