Google's Ad Rotation Updates Scaled Back

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By Rachel Smith
on 13/6/12

At the start of May, the announcement that Google were to get a little more hands on with Ad rotation within Adwords was met with little support. Google announced they would only allow ads to be rotated evenly for 30 days before they intervened by determining which to show based upon campaign performance. This campaign performance gauge was of course Google’s main revenue driver, clicks.

This had every PPC manager sighing at the latest spanner in the works from Google. This would reduce the level of control each account manager has over their accounts and in particular which ads are being displayed to users.


Ad Rotation Menu


Google’s argument was that ads would be delivered to “provide you with more valuable traffic in an automated, efficient manner.” In all fairness, Google seem to have done their research in stating that Example Ad ‘A’ had a CTR of 3% where Example Ad ‘B’ had a CTR of 1%. By rotating this evened out at 2%, but after the rotation period finished the CTR would even out at around 3%. A feature such as this could be useful for larger campaigns, but the universal opinion would be that any account manager would like to make these changes themselves, with conversion rate of course being a vital metric ignored in this update.

You can however rest assured, as a post on Friday 1stJune Google took the advice on board and climbed down a little to allow 90days before they interfered with any ad rotation policies within Adwords. You can also opt out of the policy as a whole by filling in this form before the changes come into place on 11th June 2012.