Guest Article From Will Kintish

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By Guy Levine
on 13/6/08

Will is a business development master, especially when it comes to networking and working a room. I have been on his training sessions quite a few times now, and see amazing value from each one. Here is an article he as written on business cards.

Business Cards are Priceless!

Do you think of these cards as...well... just business cards? If you do I'd like
you to think again.
"What is the most important thing about business cards?" I ask my audiences
Giving them out; making sure they are well designed and printed; make sure
you have lots with you are 3 regular answers I hear. I accept that all these
points are important, but not the MOST important.

The most important aspect is to ASK FOR THE OTHER PERSONS CARD

· To show interest in the other person
· To remind you of the persons name, just in case you have forgotten it
· To know how to get in touch with your new contact
Cards are an integral tool when networking, now generally acknowledged as
the most effective way to create business opportunities. Once you have the
other person’s card
· Read it carefully asking a question or making a comment about it
· Ask (where appropriate) if you can contact the person on a specific day the
following week
· Write down their answer so they know you are serious
· When you are out of sight write on the card…
Where and when you met them
Anything important they told you
Some detail they mentioned which you can remind them of when you
call the following week showing you were listening.
· Keep and file all cards carefully; you never know when you might need that
Offer your card if they don’t ask for it but do it softly, thrusting it at them early
on in meeting someone could appear to be too pushy in many cases.
If I'd followed my advice from the start of my career...ah well, who knows what
may have occurred?

If you want to find out more, visit the site of this networking guru