Haye V Harrison - The Social Media Battle

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By Rachel Smith
on 28/9/10

haye v harrison social media battle

On the 13th of November 2010, David Haye will be defending his WBA World Heavyweight title against Audley Harrison.

There have been quite a few All-British mega fights in recent years, Benn V Eubank standing out most.

I believe the build up to this fight is going to be more exciting than any other with both fighters making heavy use of social media.

Both fighters are not only using their Facebook, Twitter & YouTube profiles to promote themselves but to also to get under the skin of their opponent.

Most recently Audley Harrison uploaded a video to YouTube giving an insight into his early training methods whilst having a dig or two at the Champ:

David Haye responded on Twitter with the following comment "Check out this fools latest bulls**t, ooooooohhhhhh i'm really scared.... LMFAO".

I am going to assess both fighters and their use of the internet & social media to see how they fare up against each other.

ROUND 1 - Twitter followers

David Haye - 45,950 @mrdavidhaye

Audley Harrison - 1,566 @audley_harrison

Result - Great start from the Champ. He has the challenger on the ropes with some heavy hayemakers. If the challenger comes out for the second round he will have to defend himself much better.

ROUND 2 - Total tweets

David Haye - 202 Tweets

Audley Harrison - 507 Tweets

Result - A great comeback from the challenger. Much better in the second round fighting behind a strong jab. Audley is starting to grow in confidence and believe in himself.

ROUND 3 - Facebook fans

David Haye - 75,847 Fans

Audley Harrison - 3,023 Fans

Result - Just as he starts to make his way in the fight, his defence goes all sloppy again. The Hayemaker is hitting him at will and surely Harrison can't take anymore of these heavy shots.

ROUND 4 - Facebook updates

David Haye - 5 out of 10

Audley Harrison - 7 out of 10

Result - A close round but Audley edges it towards the end. Haye is starting to look tired after throwing all those heavy shots.

ROUND 5 - Youtube channel

David Haye - 7 out of 10

Audley Harrison - 8 out of 10

Result - A solid effort from both fighters but Harrison edges it in the closing stages. Adam Booth (Haye's trainer) is having a serious word with his fighter in the corner. The fight is there for the taking but he just needs to pick his shots.

ROUND 6 - Personal website

David Haye - 7 out of 10. Soild design and plenty of content. Easy to find on Google appearing in postion 2 for "David Haye".

Audley Harrison - 3 out of 10. Not as good as the Champs site in terms of design but where it really lets itself down is because you cannot see the site when searching on Google for "Audley Harrison". The developers have done a content='noindex,nofollow' on the site which blocks the search engines from indexing the site.

Result - KNOCKOUT in the sixth round. Schoolboy error from the challenger. He lets his guard down and gets hit with a hammer blow of a right straight on the chin from Haye. His lights are out and he isnt getting back up from that one.

...AND Still Heavyweight Champion of the World... David 'The Hayemaker' Haye.

Commentators thoughts...

@mrdavidhaye - Solid all round performance but could do with more regular updates to keep the fans interested.

@audley_harrison - Decent performance but some very basic errors. You need more followers/fans and your website needs to be visable on Google. Get in touch for some expert advice.