How can Pinterest Analytics Benefit Your Business?

Keep up with the very latest developments in the digital marketing world

By Herdy Ramanuj
on 19/3/13

There are a number of social media channels at the moment which are re-launching and improving the appearance of their platforms. Their reason for doing this? ... It’s all about the consumer.

Whether they are on the go and interacting on their mobile devices or sat at home on a PC, we have seen the likes of Google Plus, Facebook and now Pinterest introduce new and improved platforms for their users.

Pinterest New Layout

However, it is not just the consumer who can benefit from this. Businesses now have the opportunity to produce creative and engaging visual content to suit their target audience and their needs. This is particularly the case on more visual-based platforms such as Pinterest, who have now launched an analytics channel for verified businesses on their platform.

How do I verify my Pinterest business account?

This is a frequently asked question by many of our clients and the answer is simple (and slightly geeky). You can either download the HTML verification file and upload it to your server or you can simply verify it with a line of code that needs to be added to thesection of your website and placed within the Meta data.

Pinterest Analytics

Once you have done this and saved it onto your site – by either method - you will be instructed to click “Verify” on your Pinterest page, resulting in a small tick appearing next to your website address, offering validity to your business account.

Pinterest Analytics

Businesses on Pinterest

From here you are then able to begin your Pinterest social strategy. Start by following influential people to your niche, uploading engaging images that include comments and links to the relevant pages for the image. But more importantly, you can now begin tracking data to see how effective your pins are with your target audience.

Pinterest Strategy

After you have been engaging on the account for around a month (we say a month minimum so that you are able to track a reasonable amount of data) simply click on the drop down option in the right hand corner and you will see the option for Analytics.

Pinterest Analytics

When arriving on the Analytics dashboards you are given the option to set the date range and select from ‘Site Metrics’, ‘Most Recent’, ‘Most Re-pinned’ and ‘Most Clicked’.
Similar to Facebook Insight, you are also able to export this data into a CSV file so that you can keep a history of your Pinterest data.

Pins vs. Pinners

This data is taken from the Return on Digital Pinterest account over February. We can see the number of pins we have uploaded are in blue and the number of people who have pinned our posts are in orange. We can also compare how many posts we are repining (blue) and how many people have repined out posts (orange).

Pinterest Analytics

Impressions vs. Reach

The next section of the analytics is probably the most important for businesses, as this is the data that shows you the impressions and reach of your posts. This is particularly important as it allows you to review the content that is being posted and establish what is working with your target audience.

Pinterest Analytics

Clicks vs. Visitors

Below this is another important factor, which is the number of people who have clicked through to your website or visited your site through the images posted. This allows you to see who is interested in your business and its product or service.

Pinterest Analytics

Like any other social measurement tool, it is important to review the data and understand what your target audience wants/needs from your brand on a social channel.

For some people it’s a cute animal picture for others it’s a helpful infographic. However it is now, more than ever, important for businesses to understand what will work with their target audience in order to make the most of their social media marketing.