How Hotels Can Encourage TripAdvisor Reviews

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By Jade Hark
on 12/3/15

Before booking a hotel, hostel or independent getaway, most people will carry out research to see if it is the right place for them.

One of the biggest persuasive factors in a guest's purchasing decision is online reviews, and the most influential of the independent review websites is TripAdvisor.

Getting a high volume of quality (and real) reviews can make or break your business. As you can see below in the organic search results for different hotels, TripAdvisor sits at a high position when a brand search is performed (usually second or third).

Combining their high rankings,  rich snippet stars and their trusted brand makes for an attractive click for users.

Below we have provided 7 tips to attract positive reviews that will help you influence potential customers' decisions, as well as getting the five star TripAdvisor rich snippet in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).

tripadvisor-rich-snippets Rich snippet stars



lowry-hotel-manchester Brand search- Tripadvisor 2nd result


Default Wi-Fi page

Wi-Fi Logo]

If you have free Wi-Fi take advantage of having control of the default landing page that shows on a user’s browser. Create a custom page where guests can submit TripAdvisor reviews.

You could also include your social profiles and newsletter sign up to support your other online outlets.

Take Pictures

Taking quality photos of guests (with their consent, of course) and posting them on TripAdvisor is a guaranteed way to increase traffic to your page.

Any events, discos or social events are the best places to turn up with a smile on your face and finger on the button ready to snap.

Either tell the guests where they can find the pictures or pass them a review card with a shortened URL or QR code to make it easy for them to access the page.

trip-advisor-comment-cardMarketing Assets

One way to let guests know you’re on TripAdvisor is by adding the recognisable owl logo to your marketing assets such as brochures, door hangers, business cards, and room cards.

Having this constant reminder in front of your guests is a great way to increase the amount of reviews you receive.

Download TripAdvisor icons for your marketing assets here.


There are numerous ways to get reviews via email – links in signatures, mentions in newsletters, etc.

The simplest way is to have a premade email template that auto sends once a guest’s visit has expired thanking them for their stay and asking for a review.

Find free and paid email templates at themeforest.

Have a tablet set up for reviews

Having a fixed tablet, laptop or desktop around the hotel that has a default homepage of TripAdvisor or a custom page (refer to default Wi-FI) means guests will be able to leave reviews at any time within the comfort of the hotel.



Displaying your badges and reviews on your site through widgets both acts as a convincer for new bookings and says “Hey, review us”.

Ask on Checkout

This last point has the highest conversion rate, takes seconds of work and requires no increase in marketing budget.

Simply ask guests for a review when they leave for your biggest driver of TripAdvisor reviews.

Is someone checking out and telling you about how they've had a wonderful time? Perfect, now ask them for a review.

If you have any more tips we would love to hear them. Leave your suggestions in the comment box below.