How Many Times Should A Brand Post On Facebook Each Day?

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By Herdy Ramanuj
on 12/1/12

You see a lot of brands on Facebook either posting too frequently or not enough. So ultimately you need to know how many times you should post. A previous report has studied this and looked into what works best. From the report most admins were posting around 1 per day, however the problem with this is you don’t necessarily know when your target audience will be online. With Facebook you will find users generally only travel to a brand page after seeing a post in their news feed. The study considered 4,604 posts & 2,144 pages from the top 20,000 Facebookpages – the majority of pages (40%) posted 1/2 posts daily, and 18% posts 2/3 posts daily.

Ultimately the majority of Facebook posts are to increase interaction and awareness. A major factor on interaction is the frequency of posts. After each post interaction rate seems to drop for each subsequent post. A really important statistic is that after 5 posts (daily) the interaction rate levels off. This can be seen in the graph below:

Ultimately page admins trying to reach a large percentage of their audience should post as many times in order to increase interaction. Facebook Edgerank highly weights recency in posts, so if posts are not frequent your fans may never see the posts. In the end it all depends on your page/brand & content but 4/5 posts in optimum, spread throughout the day. The most important thing to monitor unsubscribes – the unsubscribe rate increases moving along 1>2>3 posts/day, but levels off in higher frequencies. Each page admin needs to find the best balance between no. of posts & the no. of unsubscribes.

Source: Momentus Media