Social Media Aggression & Blood Pressure - A Few Tips...

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By Herdy Ramanuj
on 18/10/11

For millions of people around the world social media has become a way of life, especially since the introduction mobile internet and smart phones. As you can see within the graph below, a study from Tecmark demonstrates the rise in mobile web traffic (and these are statistics from 7 months ago, imagine what the January 2012 results will hold).

The social media concept is still within the early stages of online marketing, with many people under the impression that it is an easy and fun job. I am here to tell you that it is not (well, it is fun actually). Like any other marketing exercise a social media campaign must have the correct strategy and approach, in order to achieve the best results for the client.

However like anything in life the concept of social media has many cracks such the way in which you tweet, post or share topics with your audience. If not this issue may arise…

Social Media Aggression & Blood Pressure

Now I am sure that you have gotten angry at a person, company or service before on social media (now days it seems the norm to tweet @ a company with your loves and hates). 

So here’s a few hints when working on a social media account:

1) Spelling and Grammar:  You would be surprised how upset followers can get at the idea of a small typo – us social media experts need to be on our game – two words I live by, SPELL CHECK!

2) Social Ranters: You may or may not come across these so called “social ranters” who are basically the people who use social platforms to moan, rant and argue for the sakes of it. In my opinion it is a very childish thing to do, however I can guarantee that you will know a “social ranter”. When working on behalf of brand it is best to keep your opinions neutral if they should speak to you.

3) Be Polite and Understanding: As hard as it is, and trust me I have been close to tweeting some very angry things that it can almost be considered trolling, but in times like this it is important to take a step back, breath and reply with an understanding and polite tweet. In short it’s customer service 101 when working on a brand.

Don’t get me wrong social media is extremely useful marketing tool to have for a brand and business (and without it I wouldn’t have a job). However seeing angry discussions on Twitter and Facebook every week really makes you question this new social society of people.

Their behaviour isn’t very social at all. In all honestly it makes you think would two people have an argument in front a huge crowd of people who can hear every word? Which leads me to the conclusion of a consumer’s behaviour online is far different to that of offline.

Online vs. Offline Consumer Behaviour

The perfect example of unacceptable online behaviour can be seen within the recent UK riots, as gangs and thugs throughout the UK organised looting through Twitter. Another report in the news found that “angry tweets” can also apparently get you kicked out a bar as a customer was kicked out of a restaurant for posting a tweet about the bartender.

Whilst having drinks at the bar, she overheard the bartender bad mouthing a mixologist and so she decided to tweet about what the bartender said. She also called him a “Twerp” and added the hashtag #jackoff to her tweet. As a result of this she was told to leave as the general manager who noticed the tweet.

So with the trials and tribulations of social media still continuing to be ironed out within the online marketing world, I am thinking of investing in some premium health insurance, what do you think Guy Levine?

Social media, please think responsibly. Created with a little help from Steph Goodman...