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How to Deal With Out of Stock Product Pages

By Cherie Bellingham
on 19/10/18


Cherie is our Senior Technical SEO Executive. Here, she takes us through the different scenarios faced when it comes to dealing with out of stock product pages. 

Out of stock product pages are an issue with ecommerce sites. If you know your products are coming back into stock, then you will need to look out for changes to traffic and backlinks.

If you’re seeing that traffic is still coming to the specific product page, redirecting it elsewhere will keep the link equity. But If you know a product isn't coming back into stock, you can delete the product page from your site.

With the knowledge of your product coming back into stock, you won't need to redirect, but by setting up an email form to let your users know more information, you can show them related products to keep them engaged with your website.

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