How to Search Engine Optimise a site – from scratch

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By Guy Levine
on 5/5/09

Sometimes, starting from the beginning is the best place to be. You have no mistakes or hurdles to overcome and can get stuck in.

So if I were starting a site from scratch, what would I do?

1.       Buy a domain name with the search term in it as it always helps.

2.       If possible have a lovely little domain name with the keyword in it that I had registered 10 years ago and never used! We believe Google looks at the age of the domain as a factor of credibility.

3.       Build a keyword list using a variety of search terms, including ones which get lots of searches but mainly due to people doing research, and ones which get few searches but searches from people who are looking to buy.

4.       Create a page of copy around each set of keywords, and build some bulk and content for the website.

5.       Sign up to the big social media websites, create a profile and add links back to my website. Now this isn’t going to make your website bounce to the top of the listings, but it will let Google know you exist!

6.       Add a blog to the site using Wordpress and start blogging every day. Again, this would increase your visibility, make the Google bot come back to your site more often to look for changes, and hopefully if the content is good, get people linking to the site.

7.       Go on a major link hunt for places of authority to link to the website to start getting it ranked.

That’s it, that’s what I would do!

Now this is a very basic list and does not go very deeply into SEO strategies, but if you have one you would like to add, please add it as a comment.